License to KIPS!

A Rewarding Cyber Security Simulation

KIPS is a platform for increased cyber security awareness, developed by Kaspersky Lab, a global leader in cyber security. Omnisiens, the organizer of the well known 4SICS cyber security summit and advanced trainings, are now appointed agents for arranging and performing KIPS.

KIPS, an abbreviation for the Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation, is a platform to help decision makers, business representatives, IT experts and others to evolve their perception of the cyber security problem. It also gives them a unique opportunity to practice defensive actions and perform an investigation of an escalating cyber security incident.

KIPS is using the gamification concept - to approach a subject matter and present it in a way that is more like playing a game. It is essentially an interactive ”Security Monopoly” where all participants are divided into teams. To play the game your team compete to get the best possible outcome. This competitive spirit makes all participants eager to do their best.

Erik Johansson from Omnisiens, one of our game masters for KIPS, states: –”We are proud to license KIPS for use at selected organizations in EU. We firmly believe that it is an effective way of building cyber security awareness among top managers, mid management, decision makers as well as to general staff inside organizations. KIPS is a real eye opener since it deals with one of the biggest security challenges for organizations –the human factor. A common understanding, shared by all employees, of the problems at hand is crucial to create successful cyber security. ”

In just 2 hours your teams will have experienced, investigated and solved a major cyber security incident. It is the most rewarding cyber security training session your management or staff can invest in.

Industrial: Water Plant




Five Different Scenarios!

KIPS is aimed to raise awareness of cyber security and have so far been developed in five different scenarios: Corporation, Bank, Government Online Services, Power Station, and Water. Each of the scenarios are played on a unique platform, led by a game trainer, gaming console, game board and action cards. The scenarios takes about 2 hours to complete, and are tailored to suit different industries and use cases.

Each one of the scenarios focuses on realistic threat vectors, allows discovering and analysing the typical mistakes, and finally incorporates specific incident response procedures from the corresponding industry.

KIPS key success factors is that it is very easy to understand, takes very short time and all participants have a really exciting time during the training.

To run a KIPS game as a training session Omnisiens provide all necessary resources:

Trainers, game plans, iPads, servers, etc.

All you need to provide is your people that you want to train.

Omnisiens is offering KIPS sessions to organizations in Scandinavia and Europe

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